30 januari, 2012

11 oktober, 2011


 sweater, new yorker, 15 euro
ring, new yorker, 4 euro
Hello sweethearts, today I went shopping again! I have a new sweater and bought a ring. Completely in Autumn Style '. I bought the ring and the sweater at the New Yorker.

13 september, 2011


hi hi beautiful readers,  new day, new outfit. This time I show you my new sweater & Vans. That sweater, is really the end for me. I wanted him for soooo long! And now I have it! And the shoes, I'm also in love with them. What do you think

21 augustus, 2011


The holiday style 2011 was colorful, cheerful en bright colorsin. In other words: Fabulous. In my holiday I made so many friends, toke trips and have things done. It was amazing! But I also spotted fashion! The English had a nice style. High skirts and pants, lots of floral prints, and sandals. Almost everyone wore nice dresses and big sunglasses. The French people wore many necklaces, gold and some more stuff. The French also had a piercing in addition to their mouths. And the Dutchies had of everything. Some style of English and French together.

30 juli, 2011


This is my new sunglasses. As you can see he is white with pink flowers and green leaves. (I'm sorry for the bad quality of the picture :$) I bought the sunglasses by "Invito". This is a nice, litlle known shop with bags, shoes and accessory to buy. The sunglasses cost $13,- . Not expensive, I think. But something very different is that I go to France. For 3 weeks. So I need to post less.. But I will post nice photos from my vacation
For those that still have vacation, have fun!

28 juli, 2011


I want you to meet  my new pimped blog AND my new Dr. Adams shoes! So, these are my new shoes, I'm very happy because they walk very well and I think they are fashionable. I bought them here. What you also need to know is that my site name has changed to: fashion-by-moi.blogspot.com . I keep it short today because I go shopping with my cousin.

26 juli, 2011

Modetrends komen terug!

Sophia Loren
Een prachtige vrouw, wie mede bekend staat om haar intense ogen. Ze was een heel bekende actrice in haar tijd. Maar ook een inspiratiebron, zoals we nu nog haar rode lippen terug zien komen bij vele vrouwen.

Audrey Hepburn
De koningin van de zwart-wit outfits maar ook kan ze ons nog veel leren over goede, fashionable bescherming tegen de zon.

Marilyn Monroe
Net als Audrey kennen we Marilyn van haar rode lippen, maar ook om haar platinablonde haar en de zwarte moedervlek schuin boven haar mond. Uit de foto hieronder kun je 2 trends halen: de soort van sleehakken en het badpak. Go Marilyn!

Een bekende quote van Marilyn:
‘’I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else”

Greta Garbo
Wat bijna meteen opvalt bij Greta Garbo zijn haar dunne, ronde wenkbrauwen. Ook weet ze zich altijd in de meest styl volle outfits te kleden.

Wie is jouw inspiratiebron van vroeger?