15 januari, 2011

Braided hair'


Today i was chilling with iris, a girl from my class. We made some of the things that were in wreck this journal. We also braided our hair into one. It was hilarious! watch the video and comment & leave a video or photo of you and your friend with pleaded hair.

We went to the open day of our school. also with Amber, and she brought Cloe(her neighbours chihauha, check the older posts) everyone wanted to pet her, haha we got so much attention.

from now on. i will post some posts in english but mostly in dutch. So that others could also get what i'm saying (;


2 opmerkingen:

  1. hahaah jullie haar! hebben jullie in elkaar gevlecht ofzo? echt grappig!

    Love Jullieeeee! <3333



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