28 januari, 2011


Hi lovely readers<3

I learned something this week. That if you act differently than you normally do, you won't be happy. Some people will do anything to become populair. They wear a lot of make-up, wear different kind of clothes and don't act like themselfs.
What I've learned is when you be yourself, people who really loves you, will accept you the way you are. You'll be populairr as well, but in on nice way. This is what I want, I think you want it as well.
The last 3 weeks I was Sanne, not someone else. Many children see me for who I am, and that makes me feel happy (:

Some pictures which make me happy or laugh!
Now that would make my day.

Lots of kisses,

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat ijs ziet er lekker uit!
    ooh disney <3 Ik heb echt zin om een disney marathon te houden nu!

  2. Super leuke foto's
    haha dat gesprek ;p
    Following!!following back?


  3. looks great;)


  4. hahaha, dit is echt n hele leuke post hahaha dat van justin bieber ik ga stuk!

  5. leuke plaatjes <3 zullen we elkaar volgen? :)

  6. haha die van justin bieber :O

    ps* ik volg je wil je me ook volgen?


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