09 juni, 2011


Haai! <3
This is my second post on a day. I wanna tell you something about FIMO. Do you know it?Fimo is a type of clay. You can make cute stuff! You can make a lot of different things. For example: rings, figurines, earrings, bracelets and buttons.
It is super fun to do! My friend and I wanna make a ring. But first we have to order basic rings on Ebay.
So we wait ;)
I really wanna show you some pictures of things you can make:

This are some different colours of the clay.

Some donuts, cookies and chocola that you can make
This are examples of charms you can make.

And a very cute bracelet!

I like it sooo much! Ik hope that my friend and I as soon as possible can make our ring! And when that is finished, I immediately post one!
But tomorrow I go 3 days to Belgium, Antwerp.
So I have to miss you!
Big kiss,


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Bedankt voor je reactie en leuk dat je me nu volgt :-)! Wat een schattige hebbedingetjes!

    Veel plezier in Antwerpen! Is echt een super leuke stad!!



  2. wat leuk gedaan, ik dacht eerst dat het allemaal echt was haha

    Travel In Style

  3. wat schattig! haha ik dacht net als Phuong dat alles echt was haha, vooral op die tweede foto x

  4. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. These are so sweet.
    i really lovet it.
    I hope you make it well.
    DO you want to join my contest?
    Xx liefs

  6. dat armbandje is echt zoo schattig :D


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