09 juni, 2011

La France, Lille

Heee dear followers,
I hope you had a great, long weekend! I certainly did!
I went to France with a friend and her parents. First we went to the beach. The weather was great! I'm even a little discolored! ^^ We also shopt a lot in Lille (that's a place in France). It was great! I would like to show you what I bought. So here are the pictures:
My leopard print baggy pants.
 You'll probably think: 'Urhgg! :o' But in reality he is very nice! :)

In Kijkshop is a big sale! The two chains together cost something like 4euros!

This too, I bought by the Kijkshop! These earrings together are 2 euros!!

This is a shirt.
I put him in a too large size bought because the sleeve over your shoulder fall.
At the H & M
The picture is not very clear and the colors are not so pretty. But in reality they are of course very nice!
grey skirt H&M  - white shorts Stradivarius - pink trousers Stradivarius - leopard print pants Souvenirs Shop

Tomorrow I go for 3 days to Beglium, Antwerp. So I have to miss you...
Big Kiss,



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